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Your marketing doesn’t have to be yucky, douchy, or salesy. Here’s what you can do instead.

Do you hate marketing and sales? Find it gross and sleazy, trying to avoid it at all costs?

You’re not alone.

Many people in the conscious community -- from spiritual teachers to coaches and therapists -- feel the same way.

So they avoid the process of marketing altogether by either sticking to the bare minimum or telling themselves that they’re somehow “above” all this, trusting the Universe, and going with the flow.


They might not reach as many people as they could, thus not making the money they would like (if they were totally honest with themselves).

I’m seeing this all around me, and it’s a shame.

If this is you, hear this: when you’re avoiding marketing and sales in your business, you’re stealing from the people who most need your help.


By not spreading the word about your great work in the world, you’re depriving potential customers of the opportunity to learn from and evolve with you, thereby prolonging human suffering (when you could contribute to awakening).

I know this can be hard to take in. It took me years to accept this.

Once I understood that selling is serving and marketing means building relationships with the people you most want to support, everything changed.

I started to enjoy the process.

So much so that I transitioned from tantric love and relationship coach to copywriter, helping conscious entrepreneurs like you promote their important work online.

Now my job is to help you get the word out in an ethical, authentic, and effortless way, so you can elevate more people, make more money, and find more joy in your business.

How about we clear up some of those misconceptions around sales and marketing, so you can grow your impact and your income?

Ready? Let’s do this...

Here’s what sales and marketing are NOT:

  • Pushing offers onto people without caring if they're interested or if this *actually* serves them.

  • Making false promises or even lying to get someone’s credit card information.

  • Exaggerating the value of what you’re delivering, a.k.a. over-promising and under-delivering.

  • Acting loud and screamy, trying to get people’s attention by being the noisiest person in the room.

  • Not taking “no” for an answer but continuing to shove your thing down people’s throat even if they showed zero interest.

That type of behavior reminds me of screamy late-night telemarketers. The guy who bangs on about this miraculous vacuum wipe that not only removes red wine stains from your white couch but also makes your car windows sparkle. Buy now, buy now!!!

Not. Fun.

You don’t wanna be that guy. (BTW, there’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just not you.)

You value integrity, honesty, and authenticity, and you want to express those core values in your communication.

Now you can, with CONSCIOUS MARKETING.

Conscious marketing means really "getting" your buyer, communicating with heart, building long-term relationships, and showing up to be truly helpful.

Here’s how this can look like.

When you practice conscious marketing, YOU:

  • Listen deeply to your customer’s feelings and needs to truly understand them. Thus, you’re able to offer a customized solution to their problem that *actually* works. When we feel seen and accepted, we drop our shields and open up.

  • Communicate with impeccable clarity, explaining benefits and features, so your customers can decide for themselves whether or not your product or service is perfect for them right now.

  • Share brand stories to build emotional connections. Our brains love stories -- they make us feel like we're all gathered around the campfire. Stories stick and get passed on to others, making you more memorable in people’s minds.

  • Offer your opinions, expertise, and experience to add real value, building that all-important know, like, and trust factor over time.

  • Practice compassionate detachment in sales conversations (a term I learned from my friend and mentor, Jamie Jensen). This means you’re okay with any outcome, trusting that if you’re meant to work together, it will happen.

  • Show up because you want to be truly helpful, knowing that what you have to give is larger than yourself. When you deeply care about others, you’re in the business of LOVE, no matter what industry you’re in.

See how conscious marketing is all about helping people?

Our bullshit detectors are super fine-tuned, and so is our ability to feel your genuine care.

In a world full of noise, be that person who stands out by fully believing in the deep value you’re offering -- and talking about it with confidence.

Don’t deprive people of the opportunity to experience your amazing work first-hand just because you don’t wanna be vacuum wipe guy.

You can grow your impact and your income by doing YOU -- while raising consciousness and helping us evolve into more loving, kind, and compassionate humans.

Don’t know where to start? I can help you with that.

Fill out my application form, and we’ll talk!

I can’t wait to see you shine.

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