Stories from happy coaching clients whose lives I've helped transform

Note: These testimonials are from life-and relationship coaching clients. I don't offer that service anymore but chose to keep them on the site to give you an idea of my skillset. (And to keep you drooling over what you could have had.) 

"I've had several coaching sessions with Nadja and I'm always amazed at how deep she can guide me

This experience and feeling have been with me ever since and my heart is still growing stronger every day. I truly see this as a turning point in my life. I've stopped seeking approval from men and I'm a lot healthier in the relationships with both men and women in my life. I highly recommend doing sessions with Nadja, she is a very clear and deep coach."

- Ingunn Tennbakk

"This was such a beautiful and powerful session.

Nadja’s calm and comforting energy made me relax totally so that I could really allow everything to come up and be transformed in front of my own eyes. I love her coaching! So intelligent. The power of allowing and letting life do the job... Wow. I feel so strong, peaceful, and trusting right now. I totally recommend Nadja. When you are tired of the same old negative feelings, contact her! She'll help you get clarity, peace, and love. Again, thank you so much Nadja.”

-Jeannette Carleson

"Nadja gave me the best coaching ever!

Within a short amount of time, she provided me with a very important insight. An insight none of the therapists I’ve been seeing over the years could ever mirror me. Her intuition is spot-on. Besides that, she has a very loving energy. One session was already enough to make patterns I have been using all my life so clear that I can no longer ignore them. The clear summary of the session and the action points she sends after a session makes this even more so. I've been practicing standing up for myself and asking for what I want and am practicing speaking my mind ever since. It feels like I cannot not speak my mind anymore. That's so great! Thank you!"

-Marijke Van Der Linde

"Your ability to feel into what was going on inside of me was amazing.

I was on the brink of breaking up with my partner and felt scared about the changes. You held such a loving and compassionate space for me. This made it possible to feel fear without collapsing. And it transformed into something else, something softer. I gathered a lot of trust and strength from working with you. To me, it seemed like you saw me so clear. You were just there, without interfering, just guiding me to Thank you so much!"

-Catarina Vestlund

"This has shifted something in me I thought would never change. 

My intention for working with Nadja was trying to figure out why I hadn’t been able to let go of an old love for so many years, in spite of all the trouble this hang-up was causing me. With Nadja’s guidance, I fully emerged into my feelings with ease, just to discover something very surprising: over the years I had made up a truth of my own, saying that I could not be happy without him. 

During coaching, however, I realized that I don’t need anyone's approval

to be happy, that my happiness is my own, that happiness is not a contradiction to being

responsible and trustable, and that I when I had stopped projecting my happiness on this

the particular man did not need him anymore. What I felt was not painful anymore, but just

beautiful gratitude towards him and everything we had experienced together."

-Sofie Karlstrom

"Thank you for a super deep session. The best I’ve ever had!

Being a psychologist I can’t help to also look from my profession. My ego would have used every excuse to not take you in, watch for flaws. But none of that at all. I’m just so grateful for Nadja’s gift. Coaching is really something she has to offer. Everything felt exactly right. She brought me a personal breakthrough indeed, and good tools to work with for myself to practice authentic self-love. Everything felt really natural and authentic, I could really F.E.E.L.! Thank you, Nadja!"

-Merel Kraan

"Thank you so much, Nadja, for guiding me to let the lessons of my heart come to the surface.

I'm so looking forward to continuing this journey with you! Nadja is such a gift! Amazing

what she could let me experience in just one hour. It seems like she brought me to another

level of insight, by letting me feel it in my whole body. Thank you.”

-Maike Schepens

"Working with Nadja has permanently changed the way we communicate.

We listen more and see each other in a new way: fearlessly, with greater love and respect.

My girlfriend and I took a One Day Couple’s Intensive with Nadja. OMG, what can I say? It was amazing! Nadja was so sensitive to our energy, our patterns, and our love. She felt everything in the room and didn’t let us get away with our negative behavior. She was firm and loving at once, listening deeply and opening us when we wanted to shut down. We’ve got new tools to work with on our own.

Now we communicate instead of going into drama like we used to. Instead of fear and fight, we can meet in silence and love before we start to discuss things again. I highly recommend Nadja to anyone who wants to take their relationship to a happier place."

-Jan Dahlqvist and Sara Bernhardsson

"That one hour was a very important phone call in my life. This session was completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Nadja created a space where I was immediately comfortable being completely honest and open with her. She implemented meditation and inner work that helped me become present and conscious of the environment I have cultivated inside, and how my inner dialogue affects my actions. 

Nadja taught me that through nurturing my inner child, I can be present and listen to

my emotions and find resolution within instead of numbing my feelings. The session

left me feeling open and receptive to emotion and helped me see that if I stay present

to my feelings long enough and continue a dialogue with them, these feelings can become

a strength rather than my trigger or greatest enemy. I highly recommend contacting

Nadja if you ever need help or are looking for a compassionate coach."

-Rianne Vestuto

"Thank you for being you. Thank you for being in my life.

For everything that you bring into it. Your massive feminine energy, your wisdom, your inner beauty. Thank you since when you are you, doing what you do to me, coaching me... you're helping me be more of me. With your deep and challenging questions, you're gently pushing, encouraging, and loving me. Helping me see my own blind spots, getting new insights and letting go. Massive amounts of love to you dear, dear Nadja."

-Amy Dyer

"What I experienced with Nadja was such a great gift!

Thank you for that! Thank you for helping me get to and feel into a deeper level. The insights and awareness that came from that space were profound! You helped me to open up, to explore and feel the Divine in me. I could totally relax into my body and felt incredibly feminine! I highly recommend Nadja to every woman!” 

-Annette Brueren

"It’s so refreshing to drop from the head into my heart.

I’ve been working regularly with Nadja for months now, and every time we reach deep insights. One insight I experienced today is that the belly pain I’ve been struggling with lately was related to how much pressure I’m putting on myself when I’m pushing myself too hard. I’m so grateful for the safe space Nadja is providing. It really allows me to come back to myself amidst all the turbulence of everyday life. Thank you!” 

-Suzanna Langman

"Nadja instantly created a safe space for us to open up in. This allowed us to go deeper into vulnerability and show both truer and darker sides of ourselves. 

We started from a place of lack, each wanting to be seen by the other. Nadja gently guided us to communicate in a loving and forgiving space instead, starting with ourselves. She gave us time to connect to our core feelings, needs and longings before turning to each other. From a place of inner fullness, we could find ways to serve each other rather than trying to get something from the other.  

Time and again, Nadja lovingly and stubbornly challenged us to face the fears that hold us back. Fears that create tension and stress, that control our lives and keep us unsatisfied. She helped us take responsibility for our desire and happiness. She showed us how we can serve each other in becoming the people we most want to be. 

Nadja’s warmth and softness combined with her effortless presence honor both the feminine and masculine, leaving us feeling seen and respected both as individuals and as a couple. Working with Nadja released so much tension between us. We got rid of false convictions, which created more trust and attraction long-term. It really transformed our relationship -we jokingly call it the Nadja-effect! We highly recommend you to invite Nadja if you want to transform your love life for real!” 

-Rebecka Fagerstrom and Christian Ander

"Last night's session with Nadja was amazing!

What powerful embodied work she does. I feel so liberated and less fearful after our talk. I thank her for this gift of allowing me to express myself and open to myself. Much love to you, my sister." 

-Mallory Griffiths

"Nadja is razor-sharp and very loving at the same time.

We’ve been working with Nadja for years now, both individually and as a couple. Her sessions always leave us with new insights and deep imprints. Letting go of old beliefs (such as I’m unattractive when I’m vulnerable) happens effortlessly, simply by allowing and experiencing them in the body: my man got so attracted to me when I showed my vulnerability with Nadja's help! Nadja knows when to speak when to be silent. She doesn’t just make you see your patterns, she makes you transform them during a few short hours on Skype. stop, when to let you feel when to tell how she feels it. Every time. Amazing!" 

-Maike Schepens and Alexander Thomassen

"I felt safe to search and really look at what was going on in my life and where I needed to go to feel whole.

Nadja was clear to instruct and guide me through and immediately we went deep into my desire. Her love allowed me to stop when I needed and there was no judgment. She was gentle with my emotional messiness, coaxing me firmly back on track. I am forever grateful." 

-Susan Kimani

I think anyone who is looking for a great coach should speak to Nadja! 

I came to Nadja when my partner and I were experiencing issues in our relationship. Nadja helped me understand how the actions I took impacted my partner, especially as they related to the masculine/feminine dynamic. Nadja helped me understand how to open my partner, to let her express herself and her feminine energy. Nadja also helped me understand how different events in my childhood and adolescence shaped how I viewed the world and my partner. But most importantly, Nadja gave me a safe place to talk about things that I didn't know how, or couldn't find a safe environment in which to share. Thank you, Nadja! 

-Justin Kathan

"From the first time I met Nadja, I felt a lot of trust in her deep, feminine wisdom. I also felt this during our session. It was a deep experience. I am learning to trust myself and my intuition more and more.

After the session with Nadja, I trusted my husband even more, not taking too much on my own shoulders, but letting time guide us. I now practice staying in my body, feeling what wants to come to me and let love guide me from within. Trusting this way is not always easy, but this session with Nadja has helped me a lot. Thank you!

-Laerke Andersson

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