Love notes from happy clients whose lives transformed

Mindset work is my secret superpower. I've helped clients experience real miracles -- mental shifts from feeling stuck and confused to clear and empowered -- in under an hour. Check them out and imagine their results in your own life and business. Let's do this!

Thanks to Nadja, I'm now a PUBLISHED author.

Before I started working with Nadja, I had a half-done manuscript and a tight deadline of eight weeks until I would present my work and new book at a conference in front of thousands of other entrepreneurs. Needless to say, I felt stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. When Nadja showed up, she edited the whole manuscript and helped me write and rewrite entire chapters. When I got the final draft back, I realized that I could never have done it on my own. The writing flowed beautifully, and it was a joy to read. Everything made sense and came together in one cohesive storyline. We managed to finish it right on the deadline. Nadja even helped me self-publish on Amazon (I got many five-star ratings!). On top of that, Nadja coached me around my ideal customer and how I want to communicate my brand in the world. I am so proud of what we have created together; that pride shone through life on stage in LA where I was interviewed about my work. People came to thank me later. Now I’m in dialogue with a real publisher. I’m so grateful for Nadja’s support and highly recommend working with her!

-Laura Leon, Norway

Working with Nadja has been a pleasure!

She makes it her personal interest to deliver texts at a high quality and to fulfill the client’s expectations. She is not only willing to go the extra mile but is also flexible and adapts quickly to changing deadlines or requirements. IMO, it's the uncomplicated and warmhearted communication that makes the difference. I totally recommend working with her!

-Valerie Reichardt, Germany

Nadja has helped me with my online marketing and branding strategy.

This is an area of my business I’d rather avoid. Her experience, expertise, and thought leadership have given me deep clarity, new perspectives, and much-needed structure. I highly recommend working with Nadja as your brand strategist and copywriter. She’ll challenge you and walk with you all the way. Expect internal and external growth!​

-Sanna Björkebaum, Sweden


This was such a powerful session.

Nadja’s calm and comforting energy made me relax fully so that I could allow everything to come up and be transformed in front of my own eyes. I love her approach! She's so intelligent. Wow. I feel so strong, peaceful, and trusting right now. I totally recommend her. She helps you get to clarity, peace, and empowerment. 

-Jeannette Carleson, Sweden



Nadja gave me the best coaching ever!

Within a short amount of time, she provided me with very important insights. Her intuition is spot-on. Besides that, she has very loving energy. One session was already enough to make patterns I have been using all my life so clear that I can no longer ignore them. I've been practicing standing up for myself and asking for what I want and I am speaking my mind ever since. Thank you!

-Marijke Van Der Linde, The Netherlands




Your ability to feel into what was going on inside of me was amazing.

You held such a loving and compassionate space for me. I gathered a lot of trust and strength from working with you. You saw me so clearly. Thank you so much!"

-Catarina Vestlund, Sweden 



This has shifted something I thought would never change. 

I realized that I don’t need anyone's approval to be happy and put myself out there, that my happiness is my own, that happiness is not a contradiction to being

responsible and trustable.

-Sofie Karlstrom, Sweden 



Thank you for a breakthrough session--the best I’ve ever had!

I’m just so grateful for Nadja’s gift. Everything felt exactly right. She brought me a personal breakthrough indeed, and great tools to work with for myself to practice real self-love. Everything felt really authentic! Thank you, Nadja!

-Merel Kraan, The Netherlands



Nadja is such a gift!

Amazing what I experienced with her in just one hour. She brought me to a new

level of insight. Thank you.

-Maike Schepens, The Netherlands



Working with Nadja was amazing. 

She is firm and loving at once and listens deeply. I highly recommend her.

-Jan Dahlqvist, Sweden 



That one hour was a very important one in my life.

This was completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Nadja created a space where I was immediately comfortable being completely honest and open with her. I highly recommend contacting Nadja if you're looking for a compassionate coach and consultant.

-Rianne Vestuto, USA 



Thank you for your energy, your wisdom, your guidance...

With your deep and challenging questions, you're gently pushing, encouraging, and loving me. Helping me see my own blind spots, getting new insights, and letting go. Massive amounts of love to you dear, dear Nadja.

-Amy Dyer, Sweden 



What I experienced with Nadja was such a gift.

The insights and awareness were profound. She helped me open up, explore and feel the Divine in me. I highly recommend Nadja to every female entrepreneur!

-Annette Brueren, The Netherlands



Every time we reach new, deep insights. 

I’m so grateful for the safe space she is providing. It really allows me to come back to myself amidst all the turbulence of everyday life and business. Thank you!

-Suzanna Langman, The Netherlands


Nadja challenged us to face the fears that hold us back.

Fears that create tension and stress, that control our lives, and keep us unsatisfied. She helped us take responsibility for our desire and happiness. Her warmth and softness combined with her effortless presence leave us feeling seen so we dare to open up and go deeper.

-Rebecca and Christian Ander, Sweden 



Last night's session with Nadja was amazing!

What powerful embodied work she does. I feel so liberated and less fearful now. I thank her for this gift of allowing me to express myself and open up to myself. Much love to you, my sister. 

-Mallory Griffiths, USA 



Nadja is razor-sharp and very loving at the same time.

Letting go of old, limiting beliefs happens effortlessly, simply by allowing and experiencing them in the body. Nadja knows when to speak when to be silent. She doesn’t just make you see your patterns, she makes you transform them during a few short hours on Skype. Every time. Amazing! 

-Maike Schepens and Alexander Thomassen, The Netherlands



I felt safe to search and really look at what was going on in my life.

Nadja was clear to instruct and guide me through and immediately we went deep into my desire. Her love allowed me to stop when I needed and there was no judgment. She was gentle with my emotional messiness, coaxing me firmly back on track. I am forever grateful.

-Susan Kimani, USA 



Anyone looking for a great coach and consultant should speak to Nadja! 

She gave me a safe place to talk about things that I didn't know how to, or couldn't find a safe environment in which to share. Thank you, Nadja! 

-Justin Kathan, Canada



From the first time I met Nadja, I felt a deep trust in her feminine wisdom. 

I also felt this during our session. It was an amazing experience. I am learning to trust myself and my intuition more and more. Trusting this way is not always easy, but this session with Nadja has helped me a lot. Thank you!

-Laerke Andersson, Denmark

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