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Get the right words that seduce and sell your audience — because if you're not serving your dream clients, somebody else will!

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, or course creator who needs writing that gets people excited about you?


You only thought you needed to do everything alone.

Does this describe you?


  • You know you're a decent writer, but you’re grappling with writing copy. The words just aren’t flowing, and you wish you had more clarity, juice, and creative genius to infuse your words with personality and persuasion.

  • You have a head full of creative ideas, but you're too busy to organize them. I’ll KonMari your writing, so it sparks joy in you and your customers. Here's a secret: if it sparks joy, clients are more inclined to buy. Humans are emotional beings. 

  • You created a brand-new course and are about to launch, but you're not quite sure how to structure a long-form sales page that meets all the right criteria. And who has time to learn the nuts and bolts of copywriting, anyway?  

  • You got so many great stories in you, but you don’t know how to tell them. We'll shape your signature stories, so people feel like you’re their bestie. Because we buy from the people we feel emotionally connected to.

  • You're so focuses on growing your business, you don't have time to write long letters or an up-to-date website. While your business coach is keeping you organized, I write all your copy, so you can focus on what you do best. 


As your conversion copywriter, it's my pleasure to create texts that hit the emotional mark and sellfast and without the frustration that comes with doing it all on your own.


I help you get words that sound like you and get right into the heart of your ideal customers, so the right people buy.


Even if…


  • You're a good writer yourself. (You've even got some young adult novels to prove it.) Writing for business is a totally different ballgame, though. Crafting consistent and compelling copy takes time and practice. 

  • You resent marketing and sales. Oh, I did too! Until one day, when my coach helped me understand that marketing is helping people with problems find the perfect solutions, and selling is serving. Boom! I was sold. 

  • You think it’ll cost too much money. Imagine how many hours (if not years) you’re saving from not having to write and rewrite your own website, emails, and sales pages. Now you can spend that extra time creating new offerings. 

  • You rely on word of mouth alone. New referrals always check out your website first for that all-pervasive know, like, and trust factor. And if it puts them off, they won’t come back. Ever.

  • You've tried online marketing already, and it did nothing for you. Chances are, you a) didn’t have persuasive copy to match your awesomeness, or b) you didn’t stick with it long enough. Building a tribe takes time, but it is so worth it!

Get texts that spark emotions, so you can seduce and sell your customers (like, with words). 

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Everything was juicy, sexy, and reflected my brand really well.


Nadja is amazing, I adore her! She keeps track of everything and is super organized when I’m all over the place, making a million things happen. She's also very intuitive and thoughtful; I love her flavor and creativity. And I love her sexy, bold style. Nadja's knowledge of tantra is exactly what I needed. The new copy she wrote for my women’s site made me feel wet, excited, and turned on!

Sarrah Rose, Tantra Teacher, USA

Nadja Eriksson | Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Get words that hit the emotional mark— because people remember you for how you make them feel.

Copywriting client

Nadja is an amazing writer.

She writes in a way that is intriguing, creative, and to the point. I never get bored with reading her words. Besides, she has a great set of values and I appreciate her way of thinking with and for you. Hiring Nadja was definitely the right choice. The copy makeover has already paid for itself. Nadja knows how to talk to people, break down complexities, and make our work sound inviting. I recommend her highly!

Aleah Ava, Relationship Coach, Italy

Packages and Programs

Wanna work together? Yay! There are 4 ways we can do this, but the outcome is always the same: greater clarity and better conversions, a.k.a. increased CONFIDENCE and CASH-FLOW. 

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Working with Nadja has been empowering, motivating, and refreshing.

While helping me widen my horizon and dream bigger, she is grounded and realistic. The fact that she has experience coaching people around sexuality and female empowerment was so useful for me. Nadja understood me right away, and I can see that in the website copy she wrote for me — I love it so much it made me cry. Thank you again, Nadja!

Lore Blanke, Embodiment Coach, Belgium

Brand Consulting

Book a Power Hour to get clear on your brand voice, ideal customer, and message.

Copy Coaching

Got copy that feels boring, stiff, or sounds like everyone else's? I'll optimize it for you. 


About to launch? Or need a website? Let me write your pages and funnels for you.

Mindset Work

Want a confidence boost but aren't ready to invest in 1:1 work? This course is what you need.

Get your free guide to writing your own sexy website copy.